JACKIE HÄRDIG YOGA AND MINDFULNESS Awaken to your highest potential and live your best possible life.

A life of purpose, abundance, pleasure, and liberation is accessable to us all. 

However, subconscious beliefs keep us stuck in patterns that don’t necessarily serve our higher selves.

Yoga allows us to move our awareness beyond the conscious experience of the senses into deeper states of being. A systematic approach first addresses the physical self, then the energy body and finally the soul, so that we can reconnect with our true purpose as well as innate healing and creative forces. When we access higher realms of consciousness, we are able to glimpse the soul, tap into our subconscious, and change energy patterns, which in turn changes how we show up in the physical world. 

The outer reality is a mirror image of what exists inside of us. When we tend to our internal landscape, the world around us naturally recalibrates to a higher frequency and we experience more fulfillment, excitement and fun. 


My life mission is to contribute to raising the frequency of the planet. As all change originates from within, this process begins with moving myself from the lower vibrational states of fear and contraction to higher states of love, joy, and bliss. 

I am on a constant journey of releasing what doesn’t serve me as I realign myself with my highest truth.  I use tools such as yoga and meditation to do this and I would love to share these practices with you.  Implement them and watch your life transform as you access more expansive states of being.



Weekly Classes at Spiragården

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Private or Group Yoga

I will tailor a program to suit your needs. Contact me and let me know your wishes for the session.

“I’m happy to recommend Jackie Härdig. What I felt from her session is a dive deep in my own being, a rare Aha! experience. Simply a blissful meditative journey. Gratitude to existence. Jackie is unique with her attitude in this profession. Skillful and soulful.” – Prem Ishaan


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